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Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorants

aluminum-free deodorant

Do Aluminum-Free Deodorants Protect You from Cancer?

For decades, the controversy has raged over aluminum in deodorants. Do they cause cancer or not? Scientists know that aluminum is “linked” to cancer, but it has yet to be positively proven to cause cancer in breast tissue.

Studies as far back as 2002 haven’t made a definitive connection. However, studies continue to show that women with breast cancer have higher levels of aluminum than those who don’t have breast cancer.

So, what’s going on here? The problem is simple. The solution? Not so much. Until scientists can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a chemical is harmful, you can consume it, brush with it, smoke it, or rub it on your body. Until there is incontrovertible proof, the FDA will not prohibit its sale. Getting that proof is costly, difficult, and time-consuming.

Scientists know that both aluminum and parabens are estrogenic chemicals. That means they mimic estrogen behavior in the body. Excess estrogen, according to the National Cancer Institute, plays a role in promoting the production of cancer.

However, the evidence of aluminum’s negative impact is strong; it’s just not strong enough for the FDA to rule against it.

How Do Aluminum-Based Deodorants Work?

Aluminum is the active ingredient in antiperspirants. They work by forming a temporary barrier, or plug, in sweat ducts. This stops you from sweating. It also causes your body to retain toxins and chemicals.

Experts Disagree on Aluminum’s Safety

Most experts agree that aluminum and parabens have weak estrogenic activity. Their stance is, “Why worry about it?” But Dr. Philip Harvey, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Applied Toxicology strongly disagrees. In a Time Magazine interview, he said, “It is often quoted that parabens are thousands of times less potent than estrogen in terms of their estrogenicity. This can be misleading and ignores actual exposures.”

In other words, he’s concerned about the body’s toxic load. Dr. Harvey sees aluminum and parabens as adding to the human body’s already estrogenic burdens. Dr. Harvey is asking the obvious question. “Why include any chemical in a product or food that’s known to increase hormonal activity?”

The Cancer Study That Changed Everything

Then in 2016, a study published in the International Journal of Cancer did show that the aluminum levels routinely found in breast tissue can transform healthy epithelial cells into metatastic tumors.

No, it isn’t enough to get aluminum banned from personal care products and cosmetics. But, it is a strong step in the right direction!

Safe, Highly Effective Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorants

One of the best ways to protect your health is to choose an all-natural aluminum-free deodorant. That’s why we’re big fans of PiperWai. It contains activated charcoal.

So what’s activated charcoal’s claim to fame?

  • It can absorb 1000x its weight in moisture so you stay dry and stain-free

  • It neutralizes body odor by creating a pH balanced environment.

  • It’s gentle on your skin

  • Activated charcoal traps toxins and chemicals. Your body then flushes them so there is no re-absorption.

Not only does it contain activated charcoal, it has a proprietary blend of 11 therapeutic-grade essential oils. So while it “smells like a spa,” according to the website, the scent is also gender neutral.

what's in natural deodorants

What’s more, PiperWai is gentle on your skin. It’s packed with:

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Shea butter

  • Cocoa butter

  • Pure vitamin E oil

It’s so gentle you can apply it immediately after shaving. And if you have psoriasis or eczema? PiperWai does not irritate those conditions.

The good news is, it’s also incredibly effective. Your body can sweat like it’s supposed to, breathe, and bacteria doesn’t have time to build a home and settle in. PiperWai neutralizes the odor.

Primal Pit Paste, Natural Deodorant That Works

primal pit paste

Our second fave deodorant is Primal Pit Paste. This highly effective deodorant does not have activated charcoal as an ingredient. Instead, it has food grade ingredients like:

  • Organic shea powder

  • Organic Arrowroot powder

  • Non-aluminum baking soda

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Essential oils

  • Non-GMO vitamin E derived from sunflowers

And like PiperWai, there are no synthetic fragrances, aluminum, parabens, or other toxic chemicals. In short, no chemical cocktails! All you get is good for you ingredients that absorb odors, allows your body to excrete toxins, and neutralize odor.

Isn’t that what you wanted from your deodorant anyway?

If you’d like to sample either of these natural deodorants, please stop by Jewell’s Naturals. You can smell, feel and try on any of our samples!

At Jewell’s Naturals, good health goes way beyond the product label.

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