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Living in Staunton, VA

The City of Staunton and the County of Augusta offers a lifestyle that's far from the madding crowd while offering a rich quality of life you won't find in large cities.


Staunton, (pronounced STAN-ton), began as Mill Place but was changed in 1746 in honor of then Governor Gooch's wife, Lady Staunton.


Today, Staunton, VA has become the small town with a big appetite for the arts, sustainable agriculture, and lots of history. And that includes Augusta County as well.


On the farm front, Staunton is home to Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms, author of the book, "This Ain't Natural Folks!" (He lives in Augusta County).


Staunton gained prominence on the national front for ethical and sustainable farming practices because of Joel's book. 


Locally, farmers had already heeded that call with a very popular farmer's market.

With many local dairy, meat, and cheese farmers, as well as beekeepers, vegetable, fruit and flower growers, Saturday mornings are a happy convergence of shoppers and local music from March-November.


Restaurants have also embraced the sustainable movement by serving more and more locally sourced ingredients and foods.


From our beloved Split Banana , home of the best gelato in the world, to favorite, acclaimed restaurants like The Shack , Zynodoa , and Mill Street Grill, to up and coming dining fare like Chicano Boy and Nu-Beginnings , there are no shortages of good places to eat.















Staunton, VA and the Arts

Staunton has always been a big fan of the arts. With a diverse love of all things music and theater, the community has always supported the arts.


Summers, you'll find a gathering of theater lovers under the trees at the Oak Grove Theater. 

American Shakespeare Center, Staunton

The talent and ambiance of this community theater provide under-the-stars performances that have kept audiences coming back for well over 30 years.


It's no wonder then that the American Shakespeare Center eventually found its way to Staunton. Internationally recognized, the Blackfriar Theater is both a marvel and a gift to our small community.


(Board member Dame Judi Dench accepted an award on behalf of her late husband, Michael Williams, in 2004.) A sparse setting that takes on a life of its own when actors take the stage, you don't want to miss these performances.


Musically, Staunton is blessed to have the Heifetz Institute, home to some of the most talented young musicians in the world.


Each summer, gifted classical musicians visit Staunton and continue their tutelage under some of the industry's best musicians. Performances also occur throughout the year by faculty.


There's also the Staunton Music Festival as well as the Fortune Williams Music Festival that occur each year.


Staunton also has award-winning Virginia breweries and vineyards. Augusta County boasts national parks, lakes, and scenery that delight every time you step outdoors!




Staunton and Virginia History

From U.S. presidents like Woodrow Wilson to strong women like Mad Anne Bailey , Staunton has played a prominent role in American history.


You'll find evidence of that almost anywhere you go.


Visit The Heritage Museum in Bridgewater for an overview of the area's role in many historically significant events.


Or, the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. It's another excellent resource for history buffs! 


There are so many reasons to fall in love with the Shenandoah Valley. From friendly people to diverse interests that bring people together, here at Jewell's Naturals, we hope you make Staunton your home!











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