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Lisa Roberts


Lisa has been a practicing Nurse-Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife since 1992.

In April of 2007 she opened her current office, Femme Care, to specialize in well-women gynecology care.  At her patient’s request she began to help balance hormone symptoms with bio-identical hormones. 

Some of Lisa’s patients knew she had studied nutrition for 30 years, as well as vitamin supplementation since graduate school; at their request she began to offer testing and replacement of vitamin deficiencies.  She spent three months researching which vitamin companies offered the purity, quality, and absorbability that resulted in truly improved health before recommending them to her patients.

The demand from Lisa’s patients to carry these products in her office was so great she opened “Jewell’s Vitamins” in September 2007.  Today the store has expanded to include even more than the original vitamin and mineral supplements to help clients meet their goals for health and wellness.

The nutritional products Lisa approves are backed by scientific studies ...
her commitment to health goes way beyond the latest fad

Lisa’s commitment to health, wellness, and vitality is reflected in her rigorous research on the products she carries in Jewell’s Naturals.  She continues to research the ingredients and speak to manufacturers and physician colleagues in the holistic medical world before making a commitment to buy.

You can learn more about Lisa and her practice at lisaroberts.org



Abby is an expert at researching ingredients and helping set the criteria for natural product acceptance into our store. She searches out product lines whose ingredients are beneficial to our skin and avoids those that are harmful.

Abby has a degree in theatre from William & Mary and 10 years of experience in makeup application through theatre, modeling, and costuming. She developed an interest in natural ingredients that created flawless application while still being good for her skin. 

There were few options on the market at that time.

In her quest to use the best ingredients available she created her own natural skincare line in 2012 – Goods from Nature. Her passion to curate the finest, purest ingredients into usable skin care that works.


In 2015 her quest branched beyond skincare into makeup that is so healthy it becomes skin care. This is just what our customers were asking for, but it needed to work and look beautiful. After a year of research and product testing of the newest products on the market Abby launched in-store makeup sales. The products were so well received she has been able to continually expand the product choices we offer.

Abby is available for free one-on-one natural makeup consults and makeup application guidance in the store.  


She also teaches makeup application in small group settings.

Easy going and a good listener, she will work with you to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Our Staff

The staff at Jewell’s Naturals also work with Lisa in providing patient care for Femme Care and most have an education in Medical Assisting. Because of this expertise, our staff focuses on the person, not the sale. The staff are helpful, friendly and offer guidance if needed. They will give you plenty of room to ask questions or just browse as you please.

Why the name Jewell’s?

Lisa grew up in rural northeast Missouri.  Her Grandmother Jewell owned and operated the local dry goods store, gift shop, and flower store until her retirement.  Lisa grew up helping in her grandmother’s store; cutting material, wrapping presents, making bows, and ringing up customers on an old fashioned cash register.  She has fond memories and a great love for her Grandma. 

Lisa's grandmother, Jewell
Jewell's store

To meet Lisa’s patients’ demands to sell vitamins in her office she had to create a second company. Never dreaming it would become a real vitamin store, she named it Jewell’s after her beloved grandmother. 


At the heart of it all Lisa cares most about helping people be healthier so they can live the life they want.  She isn’t a sales person, but she does think her grandmother is smiling down on her and having a chuckle at the little blonde headed girl sitting on the high stool to reach the cash register and the woman she has become today, the woman she influenced, shaped and loved.

Why the name change from Vitamins to Naturals?

The demand within the store grew for health and wellness products for the whole person. Lisa and Abby continuously strive to make available to our local community the best, healthiest products they can find for our customers (and of course for themselves!). 


Over the past 9 years they have added Celtic Sea Salt, gluten-free snacks, Paleo snacks, natural skin care, natural cleaning products, hard to find organic feminine products, aluminum-free deodorant, chewing gum without artificial sweeteners and now natural makeup.  Jewell’s has grown and her name needed updating to reflect her growth. We’ve also given her logo a makeover and freshened up her makeup and look because like all women, she likes to put her best foot forward.

Jewell's Vitamins logo
Jewell's Naturals Logo