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Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, VA



Here's Why ...

How many times have you bought vitamins, minerals, natural remedies, and other nutritional supplements, only to notice these kinds of symptoms?


  • You feel good initially, but as months pass, you notice a decline

  • Your hair loss supplements aren’t really working

  • The “natural” product you bought for digestion still leaves you feeling bloated

  • Problems with sleep haven’t eased even though the label says its “guaranteed”

That’s When You May Question the Effectiveness Of Natural Health Products



1 Because there are no formal regulations in the vitamin supplement industry, the quality and potency of each product is all over the place. Literally, the potency can vary from one batch to another.


That means there can be a tremendous variation between two companies offering the same product.


Some companies take advantage of the fact that there are no federal regulations regarding the word “natural.” That means these green-washing companies can tout their “natural” products, regardless of proof and safety.

We simply refuse to compromise, settle or in any way cut corners that would cause us to sell

inferior ingredient products with no basis in science.

We simply refuse to compromise, settle or in any way cut corners that would cause us to sell

inferior ingredient products with no basis in science.

At Jewell’s Naturals, we take a different view. Every supplement we carry is backed by science.

What’s more, we only carry a very select line of supplements.


And that’s unusual.


Most natural health stores sell a wide range of products

to please a large audience.


We don’t.


In fact, if you’re looking for a natural health store that sells aisles and aisles of supplements, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Our select product lines are truly top quality natural products designed to meet specific health needs.

natural supplements

It’s no secret that there is a wide variation in quality among dietary supplements.

How many times have you read online or in the newspaper the shocking reports of nutritional supplements with only a fraction of the potency the product claims to have?


This is why Lisa only works with reputable supplement suppliers that adhere to strict quality standards backed by well-controlled human clinical trials.


Further, these companies also honor the historical data of thousands of years of usage. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

However, there isn’t much point in quality control and evidence-based products if the dosages are too small because the formulas will not work.


Again, research determines the right therapeutic dosing for each ingredient.

medical practitioner

This approach to good health is the difference between good supplements and great supplements.

medical testing

Before deciding to carry any nutritional product, Lisa does her research, reviewing the background of each supplement company, speaking with representatives and doctors charged with formulating the company’s products.


She makes sure that the product formulations are based on clinical research before she makes a commitment to carry them in the store.

We only carry nutritional supplements that are clinically well-researched with superior stable potency.

Combine this industry problem with your challenge of not knowing how to work with your body to get the results you want.


So many of the natural health supplements that claim to help are full of harmful chemicals. Common problems like poor energy and digestion, insomnia, and hair loss don’t see significant improvement because of it.


You then start to worry that:


  • Your current supplements are not the best quality

  • You don’t see any real improvement and you don’t understand why

  • You can’t find a brand or practitioner you can trust

woman with red hair

Your body can’t do the job it knows how to do because it can’t handle the toxic load!

When this happens, it’s easy to beat yourself up and then give up. Instead, your body simply isn’t getting what it needs to excel and for you to enjoy life!


Why buy natural health products online when you're not sure they really work?


We get it. It’s easy to click on a website, review the product qualifications and then click, BUY PRODUCT.


But if your health is not improving, then easy just got very expensive. Here at Jewell’s, we don’t carry cheap vitamins. We do, however, carry an affordable line of nutritional supplements that work, and we take great pride in that!



As we said, our product selection is very selective.

We have 6 areas of natural supplements for health concerns.

1. Basic Health
Basic Health

There are 3 solid reasons to take a multi-vitamin every day.


  1. Our soil is no longer as nutrient dense as it used to be, which means our food doesn’t contain all the vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis.

  2. Most of us have suboptimal intake of nutrients. Fast food, stress, and a hectic lifestyle degrade health quality.

  3. Research shows that nutritional supplements can improve your health and reduce healthcare expenses.


Jewell’s has multi-vitamins to meet your specific age group and gender.

multivitamins staunton
2. Digestion and Gut Health
Gut Health
best probiotics staunton va

This is a biggie! From constipation to the inability to break down food, digestion is vital to glowing health.


We have targeted probiotics for gut health, from an easy once daily capsule, to high-dose probiotic regimens for acute issues. We also offer a selection of minerals and active plant extracts for constipation relief.


And to help you absorb the food you eat, Jewell’s Naturals carries digestive enzymes that help your body break down food and absorb nutrients more readily.

3. Adrenal and Thyroid Health

Your glands work together to make sure your body functions optimally. Help them do this important job with the right supplements.


 Jewell’s Naturals carries Dr. Wilson’s line of adrenal health supplements. Again and again, patient lab work results in Lisa’s practice show over and over the effectiveness of these products to reverse and heal adrenal fatigue.

We also carry minerals and herbal supplements that help your thyroid gland function normally. The can often be used with, or instead of, many prescription thyroid medications.

Get back the energy you used to have and find the joy in your daily activities!

health supplements staunton va
Adrenal + Thyroid
4. Immune Support
Immune Support
health and wellness staunton va

For overall immune support, Jewell’s Naturals carries vitamin D3, a building block for good immune health. We have both capsules and liquids in a variety of strengths and dosages with proven absorbability.


Nat-Stim, one of our best-selling products during cold and flu season, is a probiotic formula that really helps to keep you from getting sick. It also helps you to recover faster if you do get sick.


Natural D-Hist helps with allergies. It actually down-regulates histamine receptors to reduce your reactivity to allergens while helping reduce side effects like stuffiness and itchiness.


Botanical extracts like elderberry, garlic, and olive leaf extract, help to prevent viral and bacterial infections. Other botanical options help fight yeast overgrowth and prevent its return,  particularly for vaginal infections.

5. Omega 3's and Anti-Inflammatories

Since most of us don’t eat a healthy balance of essential fatty acids, supplementation of EPA/DHA (omega 3) is often necessary.


A quality fish oil or krill oil can make a huge difference in how you feel, and for your well-being.


The right balance of essential fatty acids can help with many symptoms including joint pain, menstrual swelling and cramps, dry eyes, skin inflammation and more.


Additional anti-inflammatory supports can be found in plant extracts, such as resveratrol and turmeric. 


Jewell’s Naturals supplements contain the most active and bio-available forms of these extracts without any unnecessary or harmful fillers.

Inflamed knee
6. Energy, Mood & Sleep
Mood + Sleep
woman sleeping

If your energy is sagging, you should know that B vitamins play an important role in your energy level and mood. We carry both capsules and liquid.


Choose the B vitamin that’s right for you!



For depression, anxiety, or nervousness, the Ortho Molecular line has a selection of carefully formulated neuro-transmitter blends to help improve mood, calm your mind or relax your body.


We have multiple options to help with sleeplessness! To signal to your body that it’s time to go to sleep, we have melatonin.


For more severe cases, we have 3 different blends based on what’s keeping you from sleeping:


  • An herbal blend to help you relax

  • A neuro-transmitter blend to help your brain let go of racing thoughts

  • A multi-functioning blend of melatonin and herbs to signal to your body when it’s time to go to sleep and help you stay asleep.

Our staff is knowledgeable about our products and most have a medical background. Their friendly assistance will help you make the right product decision.

At Jewell’s Naturals, good health goes way beyond the product label!
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