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Got Low T?

Remember your younger days when you had more hair and testosterone than you had brains?


With age, stress and lifestyle choices, a man’s emotional and physical landscape changes causing your waistline to go up and your testosterone levels to go down.


And as a part of this “aging and stress,” a lean frame may be replaced with saggy skin, a pot belly, heart disease and high cholesterol.


What man in his right mind calls that healthy? Here at Jewell’s Naturals, we sure don’t.

Boardroom, Bedroom and Bench Room: Testosterone Is the Measure of A Man

Man thinking by the window

We know what matters in the heart of a man’s world:


  • Performance

  • Stamina

  • Endurance


We also know that testosterone levels were greatest before the big three-o, declining by 1% each year.


You might have traded in your Big Macs for healthier cuisine, (a good move, by the way), but you may find you need Red Bull (More than two a day?) just to get through.


When a man begins to lose the very heart of what makes him a man, it’s time to call in the cavalry.


  • Low Stamina

  • Fatigue

  • Low Motivation

  • Urinary Problems

  • Low Mental Acuity

  • Poor Attention Span

  • Low Libido

  • Elevated Triglycerides

  • Depression and Mood Changes

  • Decreased Sexual Stamina

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Decreased Strength

  • Loss of Competitive Edge

  • Increased Weight in Your Mid-Section

  • Increased Fasting Blood Sugar

  • Loss of Muscle Mass

The Best Medicine for Low Testosterone Might Not Be Medicine at All

Patient with doctor

There’s no doubt about it. Testosterone medical treatment is controversial. When you weigh the benefits against the side effects, it’s tough to make a decision. Traditional testosterone treatment includes the hassle of seeing a doctor, getting frequent testing, being tied to a prescription and worrying about applying the therapy dose every day.


And yet, without low T treatment, a man loses muscle mass, bone density, sex drive and increases risk for prostate cancer, heart disease, and even death.


What do you do?

Men’s Health: Start With Dietary Insurance Backed By Science

Even though we live in one of the richest countries in the world, our food supply is not as nutrient rich as it once was. Not surprisingly, few Americans actually eat the recommended five servings daily of fruits and vegetables.


With a low intake of vitamins and minerals and a food supply that is not as rich in nutrients, a multi-vitamin is essential. Even the Journal of the American Medical Association, not known for their support of dietary supplements, has finally acknowledged this need.


Think of your multi-vitamin as dietary insurance. Not a replacement for good dietary habits, a multi supports you when you don’t eat right. And, when you do eat right, greater health benefits are seen and felt!

middle aged couple

Jewell’s Naturals has men’s multi-vitamins that are backed by science, formulated for each stage of your life.

Because our vitamins are evidence-based supplements, they work with your body. Plus, they include natural supplements for low testosterone and prostate health.

Low T: Renew Your Confidence and Increase Your Manpower

multi vitamins for men

In addition to carrying men’s multi-vitamins, Jewell’s Naturals also carries men’s health supplements formulated specifically for low T. The good news is they don't have side effects like prescription medications.


That’s because these supplements have ingredients your body recognizes and understands.


Thoroughly researched, these natural products help to maintain your body’s normal testosterone levels.


 Additionally, Jewell’s Naturals has products that support the prostate, urinary function, as well as healthy testosterone metabolism.


And to support a man’s immune system and emotional well-being, we have 99% pure DHEA.


This helps to bolster your body’s regulation of fat and mineral metabolism, endocrine and reproductive function, and energy levels.

The Jewell’s Naturals Difference For Men’s Health

As you can see, Jewell’s Naturals is a specialized natural health store. We don’t try to accommodate everyone. That’s why our natural product selection is concentrated on the primary areas of health concern.

We carry products backed by science.

Jewell’s Naturals is here to support your health as naturally as possible with the backing of good, solid science. Our men’s supplements are designed to help you regain muscle mass, increase performance, stamina, and endurance.


The choice for achieving good health is yours. And for once, it’s simple!

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