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Good News! We've Got the Best Natural, Organic Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin in Staunton, VA

natural skincare for acne

Feel like you’ll never find an acne skincare system that will do its job? Welcome to the club! I feel like I’ve tried every skincare system in the world for my acne-prone skin. And I’ve never gotten long lasting results.


To say that it’s frustrating doesn’t even come close. I’ve spent years dealing with hormonal acne, starting with puberty.


It seems I’m constantly battling a vicious acne cycle. The week before my period, I always get breakouts on my chin, and sometimes on my temples and forehead. By the time I get everything healed up, the cycle starts all over again!


It’s so frustrating.

I’ve also got dryness on my nose with really noticeable blackheads. With classic combination skin, I’m trying to treat two conditions on my face, oily and dry. It’s a nightmare!


You would think for a woman who’s not far from 30, Mother Nature would begin to cut me some slack.


But no, I’m still dealing with acne. I was desperate to find some relief. Sound familiar?

Skin by Nature: Is It Really Possible to Find a Pimple Cure?

Bonia Natural Skincare

Over the years, I’ve tried both expensive and inexpensive skincare lines, looking for the magic product to heal all of my skin woes.


Unfortunately, none of the products made a lasting difference…until I found Botnia. Instead of a lot of chemical ingredients, I was intrigued by the simple, natural ingredients.


Botnia was developed by Justine, a licensed esthetician who still practices in her own spa. I loved how Justine really put a lot of thought and evidence-based research into her products. She wasn't just mixing natural ingredients together because they're "good for you". She went above and beyond to chemically analyze her ingredients and discover how and why they work on the skin.


I decided to give it a go. (What did I have to lose?)


  • RENEWING FACE WASH - This cleanser was designed to reduce redness, and it really did! Contains Arnica, Goldenseal, Willow Bark and Green Tea Extract to provide antioxidants for healthy cell renewal

  • TONER - Love this toner! It fights bacteria on the skin and breaks up the sticky molecular bonds of the oils in your pores. It really contributed to the reduction of blackheads and breakouts for my skin. Contains Arnica, Goldenseal, Witch Hazel and Glycolic Acid



Botnia reduced inflammation and redness, plumped my skin while helping to balance the over production of oil.


But best of all, it made a dramatic difference in the appearance of acne.


Two months in, and I’m hooked!

Botnia: Natural Skincare on a Health Kick

Unlike most acne skincare lines, Botnia does not work by suppressing the symptoms of acne. Instead, it works to provide a much-needed balance, allowing your skin to then do its job.


Using essential oils like geranium to improve circulation, goldenseal to alleviate inflammation, and lavender to heal damaged skin, Botnia also relies on the power of hydrosols to get results.


Hydrosols, also called “flower waters,” are much less concentrated than essential oils. They are produced by distilling fresh fruits, flowers, leaves, etc. and have similar therapeutic properties as essential oils.


Because they are not overly concentrated, hydrosols work more gently to give confused skin a chance to calm down without irritation.


Jojoba mimics the skin’s own natural oils, while plant-based hyaluronic acid balances the lack of water in thirsty oily skin.

Abby before Botnia skincare for acne
Abby after Botnia skincare for acne

Rose soothes even the most sensitive skin, and witch hazel, as a hydrosol, acts as an antioxidant and powerful astringent.


Squalene, extracted from olive skins, softens and protects skin from environmental damage.


Arnica is the great skin restorer!

As you can see, this is a very different approach to addressing the problem of acne. And it works!


You can see for yourself, my skin has done a 180 since using Botnia!


(Please ignore the glasses, I don't have many pictures of myself with acne and no makeup!)

Acne and Stress: How Botnia Skincare Gets Me Back on Track

Has my skin been perfect since I made the permanent switch to Botnia? No, I still experience stress. Even Botnia couldn’t take that away.


So, when I’m in stress mode and my hormones are out of whack, I will get a few pimples here and there. Luckily, Botnia has helped with that, too!


Whenever I notice a pimple, I use Botnia’s zit treatment. Here’s what I do.


Mix a little of the Hydration Now! Mask with a little bit of the Fix-Zit Mask. They are a gel and a powder, respectively, so it makes a nice paste.


Then I coat the pimple with a thin layer at bedtime and let Botnia’s magic healing action work overnight.


In the morning, I just peel off the dried mask spots and my pimples look so much better. They are not 100% healed in one night, but the redness is reduced and the whitehead is gone.


That means I’m not picking it throughout the day! It also means the life cycle of the zit is dramatically reduced, and I get faster results.

Botnia acne spot treament

When You Ask Yourself, “What is the best skincare for acne-prone skin?” Consider Botnia!

Jewell's Naturals New Customer Offer

If you have acne, I feel your pain! That’s why I encourage you to come in to Jewell’s Naturals and demo the Botnia line for yourself.


With natural and organic ingredients made only by Mother Nature, Botnia’s plant-powered skin care is highly effective with beautiful results.


  • No harsh chemicals

  • No stinging

  • No burning

  • No skin dryness or redness


Like me, Jewell’s Naturals clients are loving the results!


That’s because Botnia doesn’t force unnatural change. Instead, it restores much needed balance, allowing your skin to do the rest.


See for yourself. Take advantage of our New Customer Offer, and get glowing skin. With Botnia, the choice is yours, and it’s simple!

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