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Is This The End Of Spackle And Paint?

Oh, the makeup mirror!


It pokes us and prods us into literally putting our best face forward! So, we sit there, applying one…two…three…dare I say, four, different products to diminish, hide, and conceal.


It’s the classic middle age makeup spackle and paint…dabbing and powdering to get that smooth skin look.


Then there’s the constant checking throughout the day to make sure all those products haven’t settled into lines and creases.


And of course, they do!

We say it’s time for a makeup re-boot.

natural makeup on older woman

It’s like having a part-time job getting your face make up to cooperate fully throughout the day!

How To Get Low Maintenance, High Performance Natural Makeup

Woman applying natural makeup

Yes, we said natural makeup. Surprised?


We know that in the past, natural makeup worked best on flawless skin. That meant you had to be in your teens and 20’s to enjoy it.


But women over 40? Not so much.


Where was the coverage for:


  • Age spots?

  • Redness?

  • Fine lines?

  • Dark circles?


There wasn’t much.


Thankfully, we really have come a long way, baby, and in a healthy way!

Welcome to the Jewell’s Naturals world where makeup for women 40+ is queen. We’ve got makeup looks for drier skin types as well as combo and oily types that provide beautiful, buildable coverage.


But really, there are many makeup lines that can do that. What makes our so different?


Four awesome reasons:

  • Our makeup actually improves your skin

  • Your skin has a dewy look without looking or feeling greasy

  • It won’t settle into lines on your face

  • You won’t have to make multiple checks throughout the day for makeup meltdown

How To Feel Naked Yet Covered To Perfection

Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties, but did you know it’s also a humectant and adds moisture? So, while 14e Cosmetics is covering a multitude of youthful skin sins, it’s nourishing and improving your skin, too.


  • With Aloe Nourish Foundation, you get medium, buildable coverage that feels completely weightless with a satin semi-matte finish.


  • Aloe Nourish Sheer Tints contain all the benefits of the Aloe Nourish foundation but has a lighter formulation. It’s great for a quick on-the-go application and for everyday use.

aloe vera in water glass

14e Cosmetics is a natural makeup foundation with no added water. None. Instead, its base is pure aloe vera. What a brilliant idea!


Perfect for drier skin types and acneic skin, you can ditch the multiple layers of foundation and concealer to achieve a smooth, flawless look, and your skin looks dewy fresh!

The foundation and the sheer tint are creamy formulas that improve acne breakout areas, diminish the early signs of aging, and helps your skin retain moisture. Both feel absolutely luxurious on your skin!

14e is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, toxin and chemical-free. Think of it as green beauty makeup and skincare in a bottle.

What Are The Super Clean Ingredients In 14e Cosmetics?

Aloe Vera*, Plant Glycerin*, Titanium dioxide (CI 77891), Argan Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Acerola*(Vitamin C), Kokum Butter*, Gotu Kola*, Licorice*, Bamboo Extract*, Mica, Rosemary*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Lavender Oil*, [+/- may contain Iron Oxides (CI 77489, CI 77491, CI 77492)]


(Iron oxides are compounds made from exposing iron to oxygen to produce different shades of pigments. Iron oxides are gentle and non-toxic, and don’t usually cause problems for those with sensitive skin)

For Oilier Skin Types--

Here’s The Best Mineral Makeup We’ve Ever Found

Yes, you can buy mineral makeup at Wal-mart. But you know what it doesn’t have?


A highly refractive index and light reflecting mica that gives your skin a flawless, airbrushed complexion.


Because of its high light refracting abilities, Lily Lolo mineral makeup minimizes the appearance of fine lines in a flash. With just a few taps of the container, it reveals smooth, beautiful skin.

It's easy to apply with our bdellium Pink Bambu eco-friendly makeup brushes!

mineral makeup

Lily Lolo is cruelty-free and the winner of the Green Beauty Bible award.

natural cosmetics

And if you feel you still need a little extra coverage, you’ll love Lily Lolo Mineral Correctors:


  • Blush Away—A matte green concealer which helps to camouflage blemishes and dark circles.

  • PeepO—Got to bed late last night and it shows? PeepO whisks away dark under eye circles, as well as blending away blemishes.

  • Concealer—For those hard to cover blemishes and spots, all you need is a different brush! Be your own makeup artist and use a bdellium small shader brush with your foundation to add targeted coverage to your makeup look.

We’ve Got the Natural Makeup Muscle For Your Every Day Hustle!

With both of our lines, you can spend much less time at the makeup mirror and still get the coverage and flawless look you want. Plus, you won’t risk having that cakey makeup look, which causes makeup meltdown.


Instead, you’ll enjoy beautiful, comfortable wear with coverage you can adjust.

Your very own natural complexion perfector that’s buildable makeup, concealer, and foundation. TIME TO GET YOUR GLOW ON GIRL!

Eye, Lip, and Cheek Pure Color Love

mineral makeup

You didn’t think we’d forget about your eyes, lips, and cheeks, did you?


Lily Lolo not only has natural makeup products, they also offer mineral shadows that range from subtle to bold. Sourced from plant pigments, it’s pure color envy.


And blush? Well from first blush to deep blush, Lily Lolo has a beautiful range of pinks, peaches and deep rose. So many choices…


With Lily Lolo and Axiology lipsticks, you get lush lips—from understated to bold, these vegan lipsticks are creamy as well as earth-friendly!


Or add a youthful shimmer with 100% Pure’s long-lasting sheer-tint lip glosses.

mineral makeup

Can Natural Mascara Really Give You Amazing Lashes?

Ours Can!

With Honeybee Gardens and Lily Lolo mascaras, you get truly natural mascaras that lengthen, define and dramatize your eyes.


For a natural to full look, Honeybee Gardens offers a silky, weightless formula that doesn’t smudge. This paraben-free formula is rich in the botanicals saw palmetto fruit and avocado butter to nourish your lashes.


Want dramatic eyes? Lily Lolo’s Vegan Mascara does exactly that. So easy to apply, it volumizes and lengthens without any artificial ingredients and stays on all day. You won’t believe your eyes!

woman wearing natural mascara

Safe Cosmetics With Blendable Formulas Right Here In Staunton, VA

At Jewell’s Naturals, we’re so proud of our truly natural cosmetic products!

These feather light natural makeup brands cover and enhance beautifully, while working for you all day long.

But please, don’t take our word for it. Come in and test them for yourself! Feel their velvety smoothness, the silky-smooth shadows, blushes, mascaras and lipsticks.


You’ll love the natural beauty finish that highlights your complexion for a dewy glow!

(And say goodbye to spackle and painting forever!)

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