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Paleo Diet: Healthy and Natural

If you’ve chosen the paleo diet as part of your lifestyle, you already know that eliminating processed foods, chemicals and sugar from your diet is a huge step toward outstanding health.


Replacing those artificial foods with real fruits, vegetables, and compassionately raised meats makes a significant difference in your health, as well as your mental clarity.


At Jewell’s Naturals, you’ll find all kinds of tempting healthy paleo treats to support your paleo lifestyle!

For snacks, we stock Steve’s Paleo, Awesome Foods and Artisan Tropic

​These thoughtful and true-to-paleo brands offer:​​

  • Nick's Sticks - sugar-free, low calorie Beef, Chicken and Turkey sticks

  • Plantain chips - perfect for paleo dips and salsa!

paleo snacks

Celtic Sea Salt

celtic sea salt

Choosing Celtic sea salt is one of the best salt choices you can make!​


Why? Celtic sea salt contains one of the highest amounts of trace minerals because it is harvested naturally from the sea.


Jewell’s Naturals offers both fine ground and coarse Celtic sea salt. Choose refillable shakers and grinders, or larger bags to refill your own containers. We even carry to-go packets, organic blends and special Hawaiian deep sea salt.

For Paleo treats, you’ll have a tough time choosing your favorite!

  • We offer Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, which is like Nutella, but good for you. HU Chocolate Bars  and Chocolate Covered Hunks

70% paleo dark chocolate_edited.jpg

Simply Gum—Great Tasting Gum, Free of Artificial Sweeteners

natural chewing gum

While this is NOT a paleo product, it is a much healthier alternative to regular gum.


Made with a natural chicle gum base, instead of plastics, it’s sweetened with organic sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

You won’t find a purer, healthier or better tasting selection of paleo foods anywhere. Stop in and see for yourself.

We often have samples to try out!

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