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Proven Natural Health Tips: 5 Sure Fire Ways To Super Charge Your Immunity Naturally

It’s been an odd winter here in the Shenandoah Valley! We’ve had frigid single digit temperatures that suddenly shift into long stretches of unusually warm weather. None of that stops the usual colds and flu bugs from making their rounds and wreaking havoc.

Those little viruses can quickly take over, making your life miserable for days at a time. Well, enough with the invasion of the body snatchers!

Take control of your health during this up and down winter weather with some proven ways to super charge your immunity, which will make your body less inviting to those nasty little viruses.

1-Eat Real Food. The best way to keep your immunity up is to lower your intake of processed foods and focus on real food, especially leafy greens. You want these warriors fighting your battles for you. Otherwise, you’ll be raising the white flag and spending 3-5 days in bed with aches, pains, and sneezes. Go for cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, lettuce and cabbage.

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Why eat more of these? These veggies support your liver’s natural job of detoxifying your body. The better your liver functions, the less harmful pathogens are likely to hang around and make you sick.

2-Stay hydrated. It’s so easy in colder weather to drink less water. You may not even notice your body needs it until you’re very thirsty. By this time, you’re dehydrated!

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A body that is dehydrated means that your nasal passages will be dry. When this happens, the cilia and mucous lining can’t effectively trap external debris and nasty cold and flu bugs before they make their way into your lungs.

So make water your go-to drink and add a humidifier if your heat sources are oil, electric, wood, or gas. These heat sources tend to also dry out the air.

Keep a 32-ounce container of water with you and drink it throughout the day. Ideally, it’s best to drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh.

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3-Drink herbal teas.

This one may surprise you.

Herbal teas have excellent healing and prevention properties. Choose teas like Echinacea, Elderberry (or Elderflower), peppermint and chamomile. Opt for quality brands like Traditional Medicinals or Yogi tea. For added immunity punch, add some local raw honey. It’s a delicious way to guard against illness.

4-Garlic. Love it or hate it, garlic is a powerhouse of natural immunity. By adding fresh garlic to your meals, you’re getting a natural antibiotic as well as excellent immune support. The best time to add garlic is during the last minute or two of cooking. This preserves its active immune-fighting compounds.

5-Sleep. Ah, sleep! We can’t get enough of it, literally. We Americans are notorious for running on less sleep than we actually need, and it’s costing us. Sleep is to the human body what gasoline is to an automobile.

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Sleep allows you to process complex problems by thinking clearly. It gives you energy, and helps you manage stress. Sleep is a natural barrier to illness because your body repairs itself at night.

When your body is deprived of the “gas” it needs to drive, you feel it! Lack of sleep lowers your immunity, too. When that happens, you get sick, which forces you to slow down.

So get plenty of zzzz’s!

As a bonus, we’re going to add one more sure fire way to build your immunity, and that’s exercise. Yes, it’s tougher in the winter but not impossible.

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Get those endorphins up; pump up your heart rate, and just say no to winter colds and flus.

Exercise improves your mental clarity and makes you feel good!

Follow these 6 ways to super charge your immunity and you’ll also discover one more thing.

You may like the results so much, you decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle all year round.

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