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The Himalayan Salt Lamp: What Do They Really Do For You?

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps emit a soft glow and just make you feel good. But do these unusual lamps offer any other benefits?

As a matter of fact, they do!

A high quality salt lamp has many health benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Helps you sleep better

  • Deodorizes the air

  • Helps you to feel rejuvenated

  • Improves breathing problems, reducing allergies

  • Increases relaxation, calmness

  • Improves your ability to concentrate and work for longer periods around electrical equipment like computers


How Do Salt Lamps Work?

The big question with salt lamps is, “How can a salt lamp provide such benefits?” And it’s a great question. Salt lamps are mined from the earth, and emit beneficial negative ions into the air. This is a natural frequency your body prefers.

If you’ve ever walked on a beach, stood next to a flowing creek or river, or stepped outside after a thunderstorm, you’ve experienced the power of negative ions.

You and the air around you feel refreshed and lighter. You feel happier. That’s what Himalayan salt lamps do for you indoors!

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Salt lamps not only emit negative ions, they attract water molecules from the air. These are the same molecules that carry allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, bacteria and viruses.

Once the lamps catch these microscopic compounds, they remain trapped on the salt—not floating around in the air for you to breathe! The air becomes deodorized.

That’s why Himalayan salt lamps help to reduce the symptoms of allergies. It’s also why you’re exposed to less cold and flu bugs in your home.

Adult on cell phone

What’s more, Himalayan salt lamps help with reducing electro-magnetic frequencies

(EMF’s) from electronics like computers and cell phones. EMF’s emit positive ions, which interfere with the natural frequency of the earth and your body.

Constant heavy exposure to EMF’s has been shown to increase cortisol levels, which makes you feel sluggish, tired, and zapped of energy. A good quality salt lamp like the ones we carry actually attracts EMF’s to it, permanently trapping them.

Small Himalayan Salt Lamp

Keep a salt lamp in your work space to reduce EMF’s. Jewell’s Naturals carries various sizes of salt lamps, one of which is a mini that you can plug into your computer!

And, if you have a hard time getting deep, restful sleep, consider placing a salt lamp in your bedroom. You’ll breathe fresher air, while your brain releases serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for making you feel happy.

Your body relaxes and you drift off into blissful sleep.


"I bought a medium salt lamp and put it in my bedroom on my nightstand. When I get home from work, I turn on the salt lamp and leave it on until I’m ready to go to sleep. After a couple of days, I noticed that I was sleeping better, more deeply and without any annoying dreams.

One night I woke up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. So I turned on the salt lamp and left it on. I was able to fall back asleep again until 8:30 the next morning.

I’m so impressed with the sleep benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp, I am buying more lamps to give to my kids and to put in my guest room." -Phyllis Leone

Typing on a cell phone

Himalayan salt lamps are particularly helpful in winter when there is much less sunlight. The soothing hues of apricot, orange and red help to ease the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Looking at the warm colored light of the lamps also helps counter-act the effects of too much blue light from computers, phones and tv screens.

Not All Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Created Equal

The quality of salt lamps vary. If you see one that has black spots on it, steer clear. They are low quality and will not perform very well.

Here at Jewell’s Naturals, we carry fair trade lamps sourced from a family of artisans in Pakistan. What’s more, our lamps have dimmers on them. Most salt lamps don’t.

And as we mentioned earlier, we carry a range of salt lamps. From minis that you can plug into your computer to large 12 pound lamps, you can easily find the salt lamp that fits your needs.

To find out more, stop by and visit us!

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