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It happened again, didn’t it?

You know that fabulous lip color you saw on your favorite beauty site…the one you just had to have?


True, it was the perfect color online. But when you opened up the package, the color wasn’t a true match.


Hate when that happens. Don’t you?


Maybe it’s time to stop this vicious cycle of buying and tossing, buying and tossing. The only one who benefits is your trash can!

Natural Health Food Store, Staunton, VA

How To Really Find The Perfect Shade Of All Things Make-Up

Here’s an idea.


Instead of letting your phone or iPad match your makeup, why don’t you go old school? Come in to Jewell’s Naturals and let us help you find those perfect shades.


You won’t waste your money AND you won’t buy makeup, you’ll invest in it. That’s the big difference between Jewell’s Naturals and buying online.


And there’s one more difference…

 Our makeup lines love your skin so much they actually improve it!


  • Your makeup helped to heal acne?

  • It didn’t contain nasty ingredients that could make your skin break out?

  • It didn’t cause sensitive skin irritations?

  • You LOVED putting on your makeup and loved how you looked all day long?



Natural Beauty Makeup Made With Love

At Jewell’s Naturals, we did our research before choosing our makeup lines. Why?


We not only wanted to carry makeup that provided excellent results, but we wanted them to be natural and good-for-your-skin healthy.


That’s when we found Lily Lolo, based in London, and 14e Cosmetics. Both are green beauty companies that practice what they preach.


Lily Lolo is the winner of the Green Beauty Bible Award. The company also won Beautyeditor’s #1 pick for its flawless foundation line.


It also raved about Lily Lolo’s mascara, color corrector, lipstick, and blush because of its purity, coverage, and performance. 

Lily Lolo mineral makeup

14e Cosmetics, is also getting fab reviews from across the internet, and it’s easy to see why. Just like Lily Lolo, they use pure, natural ingredients that don’t stop working even at the end of a long day!


Then we tried the products and were blown away by the results! We HAD to carry them.


Just ask any of our staff.

14e Cosmetics

Real Natural Makeup With No Potentially Harmful Chemicals

That’s right. Our natural makeup lines are pure, natural skin therapy.


  • High in vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids

  • Heals and prevents acne — and doesn’t cause new breakouts!

  • Excellent for sensitive skin

  • Moisturizing

  • Oh, so soothing with a barely there feel

  • Mother Nature approved


Get the idea?

Woman wearing natural makeup

Makeup That Lets your Natural Beauty Shine Through

Young woman with natural makeup

Our makeup lines are so comfortable to wear, it’s like lounging in your pj’s on Saturday morning!


From tints, powders, and liquid foundations, you’ll love what these makeup lines do for your skin while enhancing your natural beauty.


Lightweight and hardworking, your face will never feel weighted down. And unlike conventional foundations, it won’t create problems for your skin like clogging up pores or irritating it.


It’s super clean, non-toxic, good-for-your-skin makeup that is completely safe, and oh, so beautiful!

The Standard Makeup Rules Don’t Apply

You know how most liquid makeups list water as their base ingredient? Well, our makeup doesn’t contain any water.


How, you ask?


14e Cosmetics has aloe vera as its base. What a brilliant idea! Aloe is known for its healing properties, and it provides a lightweight, non-greasy moisture.

Both the sheer tints and the foundations use aloe to:


  • Nourish skin where breakouts occur

  • Reduce the early signs of aging

  • Retain moisture in your skin without greasiness.


It also contains skin calming ingredients that reduce inflammation like:


  • Gotu Kola

  • Licorice Root


Now sensitive skin can breathe a sigh of relief!

Aloe Vera in water glass

Gentle and hardworking, Mother Nature’s handy little helpers keep your skin happy and glowing all day.

Green beauty makeup chart

And if you’re looking for a pure mineral makeup, Lily Lolo is exactly what you need. It contains:


  • NO chemicals

  • NO bismuth

  • NO talc or dyes

  • NO Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, an artificial SPF used in cosmetics. A known endocrine disruptor, it effects estrogenic and thyroid activity. It’s also been linked to breast cancer.

  • NO parabens or preservatives, which can act as potential hormone disruptors.

  • NO artificial fragrances, which can also cause skin irritation and hormone disruption.

You and your skin can breathe easily while Lily Lolo goes to work controlling oil, retaining your skin’s natural moisture, and keeping you healthy!


With super staying power, it’s virtually waterproof and has a natural SPF. Recommended by leading dermatologists, Lily Lolo’s mineral makeup has anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm sensitive skin, too.

Your skin tone looks even—like you’re wearing no makeup at all—while keeping you shine-free all day.


What’s not to love?

Lipsticks, Glosses, Cheek and Eye Love

OMG. Vibrant, gorgeous eye colors that stay on all day?


Yes! Thanks to the beauty of mineral pigments, you get non-stop color in matte or shimmer shades that glide on and stay on all day.

different shades of mineral eye makeup
pink mineral eyeshadow
brown mineral eyeshadow
coral mineral eye makeup
earthy brown mineral eye makeup

And cheek color?


Go from first blush to deep blush, depending on your style. You won’t believe the colors, and how beautifully they float over your skin for a flawless finish.


Matte or shimmer, which do you like?

Love lipsticks and glosses?


Ours are so natural, they're almost good enough to eat!


Packed with organic vitamin E and organic jojoba oil, you get long lasting color with a creamy smooth texture. Or subtle sparkle from real powdered gems.

Gemmed mineral lip gloss

Silky, luxurious color that’s free of harmful chemicals enhance your natural beauty all day, every day.


This is “gotta have” makeup that won’t break the bank. And you won’t have to wait for the postman to deliver it to you.

About Our Natural Mascara ... Does It Really Work?

natural mascara on woman

We know. In the past, natural mascaras have been, shall we say, a disappointment?


Thankfully, all of that has changed.


Lily Lolo’s mascara is a buildable mascara that lets you decide your look. Go for natural with a bit of lash definition, or build it for dramatic volume and length. The choice is yours.


Never clumpy, you’ll get long wearing mascara that won’t irritate your eyes.


Don’t believe it? Come in and try it yourself!

Natural Cosmetics That Actually Work Right Here In Staunton, Waynesboro, and Harrisonburg

Here at Jewell’s Naturals, we know that how you feel about yourself is often reflected in how you look.


That’s why we want you to come in and give our makeup a free trial.


We’ll walk you through applying your foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick, letting you see and feel the difference for yourself. (We know you’re going to love it.)

Wear it home and see for yourself how our carefully chosen selection of natural makeup really lasts.


Get the look you really want and never waste a penny!

natural lipstick
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