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Green Makeup or Greenwashing?

green makeup staunton

Mainstream makeup companies tout their products as being clean, organic, and natural. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

There’s only one big problem with those claims. Most of them aren’t true. The makeup labels are beautifully designed, allowing you to believe that their product contains mostly natural or organic ingredients.

They don’t. It’s called greenwashing. Companies can get away with it because there is no regulation in the industry.

Still not convinced?

According to the Green Beauty Team, these are the 22 makeup lines you may think are green, but aren’t. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Arbonne

  2. Aveda

  3. Aveeno

  4. Bio-Oil

  5. Covergirl Natureluxe

  6. Herbacin

  7. Herbal Essences

  8. Johnson’s Natural

  9. Josie Maran

  10. Jurlique

  11. Korres Natural Products

  12. LUSH Cosmetics

  13. Melaleuca

  14. Moroccan Oil

  15. Natures Organics

  16. Nivea Pure & Natural

  17. Organix

  18. Origins

  19. Pure and Basic

  20. Simple Basics

  21. Tarte Cosmetics

  22. The Body Shop

What Is Natural Anyway?

That is a really good question, one that isn’t easily answered because there is no agreed upon definition in the industry. The word “natural,” however, generally conjures up visions of a product with natural or organic ingredients. Words such as aloe vera and mica are easy to read and you know what they are.

You would also think that a natural product would contain no parabens or petrochemicals, that it hasn’t been tested on animals, has no mineral oil, and is alcohol, fragrance, and silicone free. That’s a tall order!

And that’s why talk is cheap.

natural dish soap staunton

To include natural ingredients in products costs manufacturers more money. It’s much cheaper and easier to simply promote a product as natural and organic even though it isn’t.

What’s worse, makeup companies can say the product has natural or organic ingredients even if it only has a drop in it.

Are you fuming yet?

So, makeup companies continue to ply their products with carcinogens, plastics, coal tar, and mercury, with no concern or regard for your health.

Natural Makeup That Really Is Natural Makeup

At Jewell’s Naturals, beauty and health go hand-in-hand. When we decided to carry truly natural makeup in our store, we knew what we were up against. That’s why we performed intensive research to find two—yes, only two—foundation lines that met our standards for health and foundation coverage.

Both lines, Lily Lolo and 14e Cosmetics, are beautiful and safe options for natural foundation.

Lily Lolo’s mineral foundation is smooth and silky. With a high refractive index and

Lilly Lolo natural makeup staunton

light refracting mica, it gives you a flawless airbrushed complexion. It also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines instantly. Plus, it:

  • Allows your skin to breathe easily

  • Won’t settle in, smear, crease or wrinkle

  • Controls oil while retaining your skin’s natural moisture

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties to calm sensitive skin

  • Contains NO chemicals like bismuth, talc, or dyes (FD & C, Lake)

  • Excellent for those with acne, sensitive skin allergies, or rosacea

  • Also conceals rosacea, under eye circles, and psoriasis

Lily Lolo is the winner of the Green Beauty Bible Award. Cruelty-free, it’s made from natural minerals and plant based ingredients that are good for your health!

Coverage is light, allowing you to even out your skin tone. Although, you can build coverage on targeted areas just by using a different brush. Jewell’s Naturals also has color correctors if you want to hide dark circles and redness.

See the Lily Lolo products in action with this great how-to video from The Green Bunny


For those that prefer a medium to full coverage liquid makeup, 14e Cosmetics is foundation like no other. Instead of having water as its base, this line uses aloe vera.

In fact, every single ingredient in 14e Cosmetics is 100% natural. Read the full ingredient list here.

14e natural makeup staunton

As you know, aloe vera is known for its healing abilities:

  • Soothing irritated skin

  • Soothing sunburned skin

  • Moisturizing

  • Treat acne

  • Fight aging

And the coverage? It’s beautiful!

Plus 14e Cosmetics also offers a Sheer Tint, which is a great replacement for your current tinted SPF moisturizer.

Here's The Green Bunny again, this time with 14e Cosmetics:

Is Jewell’s Naturals Makeup Right For You?

With any new makeup, you want to try it out before you buy. How does the makeup feel? What does the coverage look like? Do I like the way it looks?

When you buy makeup online, you can’t get these questions answered until after you make the purchase.

Here at Jewell’s Naturals, we think you should leave our store ecstatic with your new makeup. That’s why we provide one-on-one consultations to help you decide which product is right for you.

natural mascara in staunton va

We can help ...

  • Women who are switching to natural makeup for the first time

  • Teens or tweens who are new to makeup

  • Women who feel stuck in their makeup routine and want some new options

Play with the makeup to see what you like! We have both disposable utensils and full size brushes, which we sanitize between each use.

Above all, we encourage you NOT to take chances with your health in the name of beauty! Here at Jewell’s Naturals, we want you to look and feel attractive without harming your long term health.

Come see us. We’ve got beautiful green makeup alternatives waiting for you!

Jewell's Naturals New Customer Offer

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