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How We Chose The Name Jewell’s Naturals

When you grow up in rural northeast Missouri, you’re steeped in deep values of community. That was the case with Lisa. A rural Missouri transplant that never forgot her values, or where they came from.

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(Grandma Jewell [center] with customers in her store.)

One of the people that had a tremendous impact on Lisa was her grandmother, Jewell. She owned and operated a dry goods store, gift shop, and flower store until her retirement. Lisa spent her time helping her grandmother cut material, wrap presents, make bows and ring up customers on an old-fashioned cash register.

Jewell's Naturals Staunton VA

(Lisa's mother, Glenice [left], helping a customer at Grandma Jewell's store.)

Jewell helped to influence and shape Lisa’s life so much that Lisa named her retail store after her grandmother.

The store itself grew out of many requests from Lisa’s patients to carry natural products that help to balance hormone symptoms with bio-identical hormones. Some of her patients knew that Lisa had studied nutrition for 30 years as well as vitamin supplementation since graduate school.

Jewell's Naturals New Customer Offer

Requests mounted for her to add vitamins and minerals to her small store. Lisa took the requests seriously.

She spent three months researching which vitamin companies offered the purity, quality, and absorbability that resulted in a truly improved health BEFORE recommending them to her patients.

That was in 2007. Today, the store has expanded to include even more than vitamins and mineral supplements to meet her clients’ goals for health and wellness.

Lisa continues her commitment to health, wellness, and vitality with rigorous research on every product she carries. Ingredients continue to be thoroughly researched.

Additionally, she speaks to manufacturers and physician colleagues in the holistic medical community before committing to buy a single product.

All of the nutritional products carried in the Jewell’s Naturals store are backed by scientific studies, another example of her commitment to good health.

We think Jewell would be proud of her granddaughter.

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