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When your multi-vitamin isn't enough ...

Multi Vitamins

Sometimes life throws you a curve or two. That's why so many of us take multi vitamins. We eat poorly, don't get enough exercise, work too hard and don't play enough.

Multis are good insurance for every day stress.


But what happens when you have specific health challenges?

A multi vitamin is still good to have as part of your over all wellness routine, but it can't solve particular health challenges like:

  • High Cholesterol

  • Constipation

  • Joint Pain

  • Bone Health

  • Thyroid Imbalance

They simply weren't designed to. So what can you do?

When your body is asking for more support, it's time to listen and respond!

One of the first areas in your body that ask for help is digestion.

There's nothing worse than constipation. It just makes you feel lousy.

Erratic eating habits, not enough sleep, and lots of stress can easily throw off your digestion.

An excellent antidote to this very human condition is a good quality daily probiotic. (Read our post on probiotics.)

But if you still need help, there's nothing better than organic flax seed!

Where To Buy Organic Flax Seed

It's surprisingly easy to buy organic flax seed these days. You can get it at Kroger, Martin's or any health food store. Then buy a cheap coffee grinder.

Dump in a couple of tablespoons of the seed, cover and grind. Store the flax meal in the refrigerator. Use 1-2 teaspoons in the morning on cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, or on a salad.

Grind the seed fresh twice each week. You don't want to buy ground flax seed because it can go rancid quickly.

This cheap solution for constipation will help to keep your digestive system humming along quite nicely! Plus you'll add some beneficial omega-3 into your diet, because flax is a natural food high in omega-3.

What To Do For Joint Pain and Cholesterol

If you want to improve good cholesterol and decrease joint aches and pain, turn to Krill oil. Studies have shown a 30% reduction in pain with the addition of krill oil.

Krill for cholesterol is showing promise as well. More studies are popping up to show its increased effectiveness.

For example, at the McGill University in Canada, a study with 120 people who consumed 1-3 grams of krill oil each day reduced LDL, or bad cholesterol, by 34%. It boosted HDL, or good cholesterol, by 43.5%. As a comparison, consuming fish oil saw only a reduction of 4.6% of LDL and a 4.2 % increase in HDL.


These anti-inflammatory benefits that show up in clinical trials occur because krill not only provides a great source of omega-3, but also contains a potent anti-inflammatory called astaxanthin.

And what exactly is krill?

They are crustaceans that whales eat. Jewell's Naturals carries Pure Encapsulations's Krill-plex oil because of its exceptional purity. It also does not cause "fish burps" or sweating that smells like fish.

The point here is, buy a good quality omega supplement. Cheaper brands of omega fatty acids don't have the potency or the purity.

Micronutrients: Why Less Gives You More

If heart disease runs in your family, have problems with energy, and thyroid, micronutrients could be the key to re-gaining your health!

We're so used to thinking that if something is good for us, we should consume more. Not so with micronutrients.

Think of these powerhouse nutrients as a broad list of vitamins and minerals. But your body only needs a tiny amount of them.

Micronutrients play a crucial role in supporting proper energy, thyroid function, preventing heart disease, and regulating heartbeat.

If you don't get enough of these powerhouse nutrients, your body won't function properly.

Iodine is one example.

You need iodine so that your thyroid has what it needs to make thyroid hormones. Without it, you can develop a goiter, or swelling of the thyroid gland. You may also experience symptoms from under-active thyroid, such as tiredness, weight gain, and thinning hair.

Another micronutrient, magnesium, helps to prevent heart disease and it's a good solution for constipation.

Micronutrient consumption is especially important for young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

One excellent source of micronutrients is sea salt, which contains 80 micro minerals that nourish all the cells in your body. Here at Jewell's Naturals, we really like Celtic Sea Salt due to its high mineral content.

Here's What You Won't Get With Celtic Sea Salt

What You Don't Get With Celtic Sea Salt

There are two types of oceans in your body. One is 72% water; the other is 28% mineral salts and organic materials.

Your good health depends on the delicate balance of these two oceans in order to work properly.

That balance is achieved with natural mineral salts.

Table salt, on the other hand, is a processed food just like refined flour and sugar.

It has been stripped of its healing properties. Instead, chlorine bleach has been added as a whitening agent.

Iodine is added to table salt, but lacks iodide, which is necessary to to work with the iodine in your body to fully support your thyroid.

Worse, the sodium isn't balanced.

Most salt companies mine impure salt then dry it to become pure sodium chloride. That's very different from natural salt, which contains beneficial trace minerals.

We recommend Celtic Sea Salt because of its high mineral content. It has not been heated, bleached, or stripped of any of the healing properties your body needs!

Basic Health Foundation

Taking control of your health often means embracing health basics! If you are suffering from specific health problems, turn to natural supplements that your body understands and can use.

Take advantage of our new customer offer and get to know us!

Jewell's Naturals New Customer Offer

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