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Surprising Winter Immune Boosters (Part 2)

If the last few weeks have been any indication, Old Man Winter is likely to make an early appearance this year.

couple sitting on winter bench

So while the rest of the world is preparing for the inevitable cold and flu season with:

Why don't you make a different plan?

Here's a radical thought...

Winter is not the health tyrant that it has come to be known for.

The problem is we have way more toxins surging through our bodies because of increased environmental problems.

And, so much of our food today contains genetically modified ingredients.

Probiotics and Immunity

Woman with Boxing Gloves

​​Good strong immunity starts in your gut. That's one huge reason we're such big fans​​ of probiotics.

Taking a good quality probiotic every day reinforces the barrier function of the lining of the intestine.

This lowers the chance of bad intestinal bacteria entering your bloodstream.

That's just one way you can help decrease the chance of infections and other immune-related illnesses during winter.

Beautiful Bone Broth

Including bone broth as part of your winter diet is one of the smartest moves you can make!

Incredibly rich in protein, bone broth is considered a superfood for many good reasons.

Woman drinking bone broth

It's a powerhouse of:

  • Amino acids

  • Collagen

  • Gelatin

  • Minerals

  • Glucosamine

  • Chondroitin

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Some minerals

Bone broth is excellent for healing leaky gut and providing relief from arthritis and joint pain because of these ingredients.

For example, glycine supports your body with detoxification. It's also used to synthesize bile salts, hemoglobin, and other naturally occurring chemicals in the body.

Glycine is also excellent support for digestion, as is proline and gelatin.

What's more, bone broth is simple, easy, and inexpensive to make!

Bone Broth Recipe Infographic

Why should you cook your bone broth for hours and hours? A long, slow cooking process releases protein and minerals from the bone.

What are Some Ways To Drink Bone Broth?

Braised Chicken

Bone broth is incredibly versatile.

You can use the basic recipe above and just put ​​some in a cup and drink it.

Or, you can get more creative. Use it with:

Bone broth keeps for up to a week in your refrigerator. Or, you can freeze it. Then just pull it out when you're ready to use it.

Detox Baths

Another way to reinforce your good health is with detox baths. And what better time for that than winter.

A hot bath is known for quieting your mind and relaxing your muscles. Well, a detox bath does that, too.

But it also adds one powerful step.

It strengthens your immunity by detoxing your body.

Today more than ever, we are exposed to a huge number of toxins. From the air we breathe to the medications we take and the water we drink, toxins are flowing though our bodies.

According to healthylivinghowto.com, over 80,000 metric tons of carcinogens are released into the air in North America annually.

Worse, over 80% of our food has genetically modified ingredients.

Woman sneezing

That's why detoxing is so important to your health.

Your body can't keep up with the torrent of toxins it's required to filter.

So give it some help!

Not only will you feel better but you will strengthen your immune system. That's because the metabolic waste from the toxic buildup makes you sick.

Functional medicine expert, Dr. Mark Hyman says, "Problems with detoxification is one root of illness. If you feel lousy, it's likely you're toxic."

By taking regular detox baths, you can enhance your body's ability to filter out those toxins.

A natural salts detox bath eases stress, improves sleep, and concentration.

It also:

  • Helps nerves and muscles to function properly

  • Helps to regulate the activity of over 325 enzymes

  • Makes insulin work more effectively

  • Helps prevent hardening of the arteries and blood clots

  • Reduces painful inflammation and muscle cramps

  • Flushes toxins and improves oxygen

  • Improves nutrient absorption

  • Helps to form protein for joints, mucin proteins and brain tissue

  • Eases or prevents painful migraine headaches

A detox bath is such an easy way to support your body through winter! Use our recipe to get started.

Salt Detox Bath Recipe

You should know that detox baths can make you feel tired which is an excellent reason to do one before going to bed!

Just remember, the warmer the water, the more powerful the detox. So don't overdo.

If you have fluoride and chlorine in your water, add a couple of tablespoons of bentonite clay. This will help absorb those chemicals instead of having them absorb into your skin. Or add a sprinkle of ascorbic acid powder (aka Vitamin C!) - just 1/4 tsp of ascorbic acid can neutralize the chlorine in a bathtub full of water.

Always start slowly and work up with your detox bath. You've got all winter, so don't rush it!

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